Our Values

  • We feel passionately about the estate and want every individual of whatever age to realise their potential, to enable our local communities to be active in rebuilding, developing and flourishing and to make the most of the local area and community.
  • We are an ethnically diverse and richly mixed community comprising all age groups: we want to continue to build links and understanding across all sections, communities and age groups in our midst.
  • Our community includes many disadvantaged and isolated individuals and families as well as those who are more financially secure, confident and successful. We want to promote mutuality, and the development of all.
  • We want to meet the needs and interests of all, including those community members who we come across who live here on a more transitory or short term basis as well as those who have and or will live or work here for generations
  • We want to reach out to those of all ages, to promote equality, and understanding for and between all residents.
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