The Beechwood Village Community Trust has a range of funding streams available that are currently open to applicants. There are four funding rounds each year and the deadlines for all applications are as follows:


Round 1 – 5.15pm, FRIDAY, 01 april 2022.
Round 2 – 5.15pm, FRIDAY, 30 june 2022.
 Round 3 – 5.15pm, Friday, 29 september 2022.
 Round 4 – 5.15pm, Friday, 06 january 2023.


Before completing your Application Form, please read the Guidance Notes for Applicants to check that you are eligible to make your application.  Please ensure that when you send your application to us, you provide all the supporting documents required.  Without this information your application may not be progressed. 

Our funding streams have been designed to support local people to make positive changes in their community and to support established groups and organisations to carry out their work and to make their services accessible to the residents of Beechwood Village and Craylands.


Our funding streams available are: 

The ‘Give it a Go’ Fund – Funding for residents to carry out a community project up to the value of £500.

The ‘Helping Hands’ Fund – Funding available for residents which supports their children to take part in activities, clubs and groups up to the value of £500.

The ‘Grants to Organisations’ Fund – Funding available to voluntary and community sector organisations, up to the value of £5,000, for projects up to 1 year which brings positive benefit to the local community.

The ‘Big Grant’ Fund  – Funding available to voluntary and community sector organisations up to the value of £10,000 for a 1 year Project or £20,000 for a 2 year project which really makes a difference and can demonstrate sustainability.

If you have any questions or need some further support, please do contact us.

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