To improve the social wellbeing of the community of the region of Basildon, Essex formerly commonly known as Craylands including that part which has been subject to regeneration and renamed Beechwood Village
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our values
  • We are passionate about the estate and want everyone, whatever their age, to be the best that they can be, and to work together to make the most of the community in which they live.
  • We want to help the community to come together, and to help celebrate and understand their differences.
  • We want to help all residents to be able to share their skills and learning and to be able to help and support each other.
  • We want to work and help all residents whether they are here for a short term or have lived and worked here for generations.
  • We want to reach out to everyone, for all to be included, and for everyone’s needs to be met, helping people to understand more about each other along the way.

The Trust wants to develop a Beechwood Village that:

Is a united place where different community groups live and work together
Is a welcoming and safe space where all generations can live and meet
Provides a place where the community can become fully integrated to build a better future for all
Is a supportive and lively place
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BVCT logo (002)
Meet Our trustees
Pete Watts B&W (2)
Pete Morley-Watts
Director (Chair)

Pete is Executive Director of Customer Experience at Swan Housing Association, an 11,000 home Registered Provider working in London and Essex. Pete has worked as a Director at Swan since 2014 and has over 20 years’ experience in the housing sector working for a range of housing providers. Pete is Chair of the BVCT and has previously held a number of trustee positions for organisations such as the Foyer Federation, Essex Pride and Essex Care Association. Pete has considerable experience in leading teams and improving services including housing, registered care, support, and community functions all with customers at the heart. Pete is committed to ensuring that the trust delivers its mission and helps to enhance the lives of residents living in the Beechwood community.

Caroline Richardson
Director (Safeguarding and Data Protection lead)

Caroline is Head of Resident Involvement and Community Development for Swan Housing. She has worked in the social housing sector for the last 17 years across a variety of roles, but her passion remains in engagement and capacity building. She hopes to lend her expertise in this area to support the work planned by the Trust around enhancing the local community and environment. Caroline joined the Board of Trustees in 2016. She is the lead role for safeguarding and data projection on the Board.

Debbie Hunt
Debbie is a Swan resident who is very community minded. She has been engaged with multiple projects including partnership days with with local Family fun days, International Day, the development of the Internet Cafe and Youth Club. She’s passionate about her community and hopes to share her experience to support the work planned by the Trust. Debbie joined the Board of Trustees in 2016.
Toby Blunsten

Toby is a construction professional for an SME construction company specialising in social housing. He grew up in Basildon and his family home for his first 11 years was on Ilmington Drive. Toby has a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, which includes strategy, diplomacy and decision making. He seeks to bring the skills from his professional, student and personal life, including experience as a Parish Councillor, together to benefit residents and develop the community.

Grant Taylor

Grant is the Interim Manager of Leisure, Open Space and Community Facilities at BasildonCouncil. He is an experienced local government officer with a varied portfolio of responsibilities and knowledge covering a myriad of different skills and competencies, including project and performance management, community development and co-production, grant-making and commercial operations, event planning, delivery and evaluation. Grant has a passion for changing lives and coproducing value for the citizens and places he serves. His ambition is to create the conditions to support the proliferation of inclusive, bottom up, community driven change.

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